Monday, December 22, 2008

Who is ready for Christmas?

I just love the Christmas season. Everyone is in a better mood, I love the smells, the getting together with my wonderful family, christmas trees, and especially my Savior! This is our wonderful Christmas tree thanks to Leone. It barely fit in our basement. The other picture is of Andrew and I before going out on the town (which rarely happens). I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and please travel safely with the crappy roads. Merry Christmas from the Brownings!!!

Watching Brielle...

Last weekend I was able to go to Idaho Falls and watch my little neice Brielle. She is four months now and so cute. Wendy had a dental appt. so I gladly agreed to watch her while she was away. She is such a beautiful little girl. I think Wendy is such a cute mom too, isn't she?

Cole's B-Day Party

A week ago I went up to Rexburg to see our friends' little boy Cole. It was his 1-year-old Birthday Party. Isn't he a doll? He is allergic to nuts and eggs, so he got a whole chocolate eggless and nutless cake all to himself. His parents, Jared and Caitlin are moving to Texas in a month and we are so sad to see them go. They have been such great friends and we actually doubled with them on their first date, so we have known them for a while. Jared and Cait-we love you and will miss you so much.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dental Hygiene Christmas Party

How about that Dental Hygiene Christmas Party. We all went to a Christmas Party tonight with the students and the faculty. It was a lot of fun and we all did skits. I have some really smart, pretty, and awesome girls in my program with me. I am so lucky to be here at ISU. I truly believe that I am in the best program. Finals are this next week, so wish me luck. I need all the luck I can get. People don't understand how hard the program is...but just so you all know, finals is a huge deal. I am so excited for Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. This is really random, but now you can see some of the girls that I spend all day-every day with.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday with Dad and Twins Wrestling Match...

Last Sunday we went to dad's house and went to church with the Forbush clan. Since we were in Sunday clothes, I decided we should take advantage of some pictures. This rarely happens with us. I am always in scrubs, because of school, and Andrew is always in gym clothes. Isn't my husband a hottie? Hey-no lusting gals-he's mine.
Saturday we went to Daniel an Levi's wrestling tournament. They both did really well. They both wrestle around 100 pounds. Levi wrestled four times and won two of the matches. He plays varsity, so he had very difficult opponents. Dan wrestled three and won all of them (2 pins). He managed to take the gold medal in his weight class. We were both really impressed!!
This is my last week of school before an already celebrated one week break! It is much needed and I can't wait. Enjoy the pics...until next time friends...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little update...

Just thought I'd drop a quick line to everyone and let ya know what's been going on. Shandee is still studying like crazy. As for now most of it has been book least I think. I haven't become the perpetual practice dummy yet...ha ha. Whatever it take for her to succeed though.
As for me I received my papers from the F.B.I. and...the verdict is... I PASSED!! Now I just have to wait for them to send me my linguistics test in December and then call me for the phase 2 test which should be in march...I think. That will be interesting because I'll be flown to wash. D.C. to have an interview and complete three more written tests. So....when I find out more I'll let ya know. I also thought I'd throw in a couple pics from this year's Mr.Olympia. I'm still obsessed if anyone was wondering. Jay didn't win this year, which was pretty upsetting, but it was still a blast as always to go.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We went to my mom's house last weekend carved pumpkins and decorated sugar cookies with our family and Jared and Cait and little Cole. It was a lot of fun. We cheated by using patterns, but hey I could use all the artistic help I can get. Andrews was definately cooler looking than mine, but it was a lot of fun. It is always nice to get away from school and do something fun. Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Now what??

Well, this is my first blog...yep you guessed it!! The one... the only... Andrew B baby!! Shandee doesn't know I'm on here so I hope I don't get into trouble!! haha
Anyhow, So I thought I'd just update everyone on what's going on. Shandee doesn't have much spare time any more. She's gone from 7am-11pm at her Nazi boot camp (hygiene school). She's been working her butt off (looks really nice too!) and her grades are proof of that. I'm SOO proud of her and all that she has accomplished thus far. As for me, I've been having to deal with the loss of my mom; but things are going ok as of right now. Yesterday I took my entrance exam (phase I) for the F.B.I. It was WWWAAAYYY intense. Took about five and a half hours to complete it. There were only six of us there. The test given was for the Salt Lake City Division office, which covers Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. Out of 250 applicants the six of us were chosen... so that made me feel pretty important. Anyhow, I'll find out my outcome of that test in about 3-4 weeks. Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed..k-
I'm still working as a fitness consultant here at Gold's Gym. It's nice but not something I want to do for the rest of my life. The people I work with are AWESOME and make my days much "lighter". I still work out religiously, even though it doesn't look like it, and am having to get into much better shape due to the physical pre-requisites for the F.B.I...I just like the way that sounds... "Hi, I'm Agent Browning with the F.B.I...(that's code for DON'T F*%& WITH ME!!)HAHAHAHAHA. I don't care who you are that's funny!! Anyhow, I'm retarded and have run out of things to say. So until next time, if shandee lets me, "fica com deus"- laters

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hey guys. Sorry I always talk about school, but it is my life. Anyways, midterm week was this week. I can't believe that this semester is already half way done. It has gone by fast and I am learning a lot. Andrew is just staying busy with work right now and trying to apply for an agent with the FBI. We will see how that goes. Anyway, we just want everyone to know that we miss you all.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Leone Browning...

Leone Browning passed away on Friday Oct. 3. We just wanted to give the update. The funeral will be Thurs at 11 at Woods Funeral home in Ammon. The viewing will be Wed night from 6-8 p.m. at Woods too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crazy Life...

We found out a few weeks ago that Andrew's mom has lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes). Things have been pretty crazy with school and then last week she developed pneumonia and went to the hospital. We went to go spend some time with her on Sat night and she is still in the hospital (trying to get pneumonia under control). She was supposed to get her next chemo treatment tomorrow, but can't now because her immune system is already so low. Chemo treatments are supposed to be on schedule to increase its effectiveness. So life has been pretty stressful lately. It is really hard on Andrew too, because he only has one parent living right now and now she isn't doing so well. Anyway, we are so very blessed in our lives and we are thankful for everything we do have. I am so thankful to have the gospel in my life and know that he knows what is best for all of us and is there to comfort us in times of trial. I love my Heavenly Father and Brother. I am not trying to complain about life, because it really is good, I just wanted to let everyone know what we have been up to lately.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dental Hygiene and More Dental Hygiene...

Wow. It has been a while since I have updated my blog. Sorry guys. Well I am here in good ole Pocatello going to Dental Hygiene school. I am so busy studying all the time. I do love what I am doing, it is just the most intense thing I have ever done. They say anything that is worth it is hard though right? It is already getting cold in the mornings and nights. I definately miss Virginia's weather. Andrew is being very supportive of my school and gives me lots of back rubs. He also cooks for me. What a good husband huh? He is just trying to find a job right now but the economy is crappy here. Hopefully our prayers will be answered soon. We have a little house and it is so fun to have a place of our own. It is a little two bedroom house but bigger than anything we have ever had.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back in Idaho...Starting School

Well I just moved into our home in Pocatello and now am ready to start school. I went to orientation on Friday and they assigned us about 100 pages of reading and classes haven't even started. I have a feeling that dental hygiene is going to be my life for the next two years. I like our little house. It is cute and old but it is good to have a place to call home for a period of time. Andrew and I have our one year anniversary this weekend. I can't believe that we have already been married for a year. It has been a big learning curve for both of us but also very rewarding. I am also excited for Andrew to come home. He will be here this week. I will definately miss Virginia. I would love to go back and have those same experiences

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bye bye Virginia :-(

Well its official. Tonight is my last night in good ole Virginia. I am going to miss it here but its mostly because of the great weather. Yep still in the 80's and warm. Yesterday our whole office went to Kings Dominion and were able to spend the whole day riding rides and playing in the water park. It was so much fun to have a day off where everyone could have some fun together and we did. It has two of the worlds longest roller coasters there. The hardest part about leaving is being away from Andrew. He is going to stay for 2.5 more weeks and finish selling while I fly back and move all our stuff in our new rental house. We have never been apart longer than a week so we are both sad. Hopefully we will both stay busy and not have to think about it. As for all of you in Idaho, I am excited to see you again. For all those in Virginia that I have become friends with, I will miss you guys a lot and we will have to keep in touch. This summer selling has been a great experience for us and we have learned a lot from all of you here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Birthday and Family Tributes...

This week has been both good and a little trying.  Sales have been slower, so that is never really a good thing.  Yesterday was my birthday though and Andrew surprised me with a dozed pinkish-white roses.  They were a surprise because we told each other that we weren't going to buy anything because of the many (to put it lightly) expenses we have coming up this month.  It was very sweet of him though and they are beautiful.  Thanks honey.  My day was good because I was able to hear from my family (that is the best), got to hang out with some friends, and I get to eat half of a cheesecake myself.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE cheesecake.  I am loving every piece but starting to feel a little sick.  Anyways, yesterday I was thinking a lot about my parents and my brothers and sisters.  I older I get, the more I realize how important families are.  Dad-thank you for calling me and keeping in touch.  It means a lot and thanks for always being willing to help me move or fix my car or letting us use your steam shower. ;-)  I love you and am so thankful for a wonderful family history of Forbush's and to have been born one.  We have many amazing relatives that are strong examples in many different aspects.  Mom-thanks for always listening to my concerns, opinions, and faults and loving me for them.  Thanks for your kind, sharing nature and your never-ending ability to give.  Thanks for giving me the space I need to be me and for not meddling in our marriage.  You are there to give me advise when I need it and never go beyond what you feel you should.  I love you. I have some great parents and I hope I can reflect the good things you guys have taught me since I was little.  To my brothers and sisters-thanks for being my best friends in the whole world.  Life has never been boring and I am so glad I have a big family.  You all are the best and each hold a special place in my heart.  I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and for all our blessings.  I am thankful to have my religion and to be sealed to Andrew.  I am so thankful to have a wonderful family and husband and that is what makes each birthday worth living for.  Thank you!

Our apartment in Fairfax

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Arlington Cemetary

Two weeks ago we were able to take a trip to D.C. and see the Arlington Cemetary. We learned a lot about our history and gained a new respect for our military.  We are so thankful for those who serve for our country.  We were also able to see the tomb of the unknown soldiers and saw the changing of the guard.  Did you know that someone always guards that tomb 24 hours a day 365 days a year whether it is sun or snow?  This is to pay respect for all the soldiers that are unknown.  Neat huh?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

So I have never been a reader whatsoever, until I read the Stephanie Meyer Twilight Series.  One day I was bored and picked up Twilight in Barnes and Noble and just started reading it.  After reading like 20 pages, I couldn't put it down.  I bought all three books and read them in less than two weeks (which is really good for me b/c I am a slower reader and I was working full time).  Since then I have read them all three times and am pulling my hair out waiting for the fourth one to come out in one day and nine hours.  Pathetic I know, but there is something about fantasy mixed with a good ole' fashion love story that keeps me more than interested.  My sister Rachael and I are going to race and see who finishes it first.  I really wonder what is going to happen with the Edward and Jacob situation? I guess I will find out soon enough.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is Jake Cardon.  This is one of Doug and Sara's cute children.  I love these kids to death and there is another picture of both Jake and Tanner below with our friends Ryan and Nicole.  These guys keep me from getting homesick, because it allows me to get my kid fix.  I hope Andrew and I have kids this cute some day.  So this last week has been good.  I am taking off the last month from selling before dental hygiene begins.  I am loving the break and Andrew is working hard trying to get sales for us.  Last week he won a free I-pod for beating his best week.  He just got his 80 gig and can't wait to put his Jay Cutler DVD's on them.  We love it in Fairfax and enjoy our new experiences very much.  Right now I am trying to get housing in order and vaccinations, books, etc.  I have loved this summer experience though.  Andrew and I have been able to grow closer and have tons of fun.  We have been to museums, the mall (meaning the D.C. MALL not a shopping mall, though we have been there too), the Arlington Cemetary, neat restaurants, etc. We feel very blessed to be here and have these memories to take with us forever.  Living in D.C. and seeing what I've seen, I have a lot more pride for our country and want to learn more about its history.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Washington D.C.

This is our first trip to D.C. together.  Yep it is what you think it is.  The White House.  We seriously love it up here.  Such a great experience.  There is so much history here, it could take months to go through it all.  Unfortunately, we don't have much time off.  Anyways, we came here with Ryan and Nicole (our buds that we always hang out with) and had a blast.  Everyone has to come take a trip out here someday.