Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Time June and July 2012

 Healthy girl!!!
 "What up homies? I am with my daddy! He is so tough."
 "Me and mommy."
 Uncle Jerry and Aunt Karen's 50th Wedding Anniversary/Mission Farwell
 Still so in love!
 I couldn't ask for a better family!
 The crew going out to eat!
 Andrew's brother Billy and his wife Alexis.

 This is what she does with her pinkies when she eats and sleeps. So funny!
 Best buddies! Tammy and I.
 Some of Andrew's family singing for his Aunt Verla's 90th Birthday.
 John and Syd.
 His Aunt Verla. She is 90 and looking absolutely amazing!
 Chilling at John's hotel by the river. It was the most beautiful night. So warm.
 John and Tammy.
 Cute picture of Lisa and Taya.
 Best bros!

 Syd's 4th of July outfit. I love dressing her up. Thanks aunt Lex for the bracelet.
 My gram trying to hold two newborns (Syd doesn't look like a newborn-she's a big girl)
 Proud to be an American!
 Syd and Jaden. He is so stinking cute!