Monday, June 29, 2009

Lava Hot Springs

Saturday we went to Lava. It was by far the nicest day we have seen all year. Hot hot hot and sunny. Both of us ended up getting burnt. Oh well. We had fun (mine consisted of mostly reading and Andrew loved the slides). They have a new water slide there that goes across the road. Its pretty cool. We are really just trying to enjoy our summer especially before I have to go back to my hard program. By the way those platforms were really high. Neither of us were brave enough to go off them.

Chuckars Game

The day after we got back from Oregon, we went to a Chuckars game with my family and we also brought Marcie and Joe (she is in dental hygiene with me) because they have never been to a real baseball game. The Chuckars even won which made it better. I love baseball. Truthfully, it is one of the very few sports I will even watch.

Portland Oregon Trip

We went on a trip to Oregon to visit our friends Jordan and Tahsha (we were neighbors at BYU-Idaho). It was such a fun trip and so good to see those guys again. These pics are taken at Downtown Portland at Saturday Market. There were many interesting people and items on sale but it was a great experience!

These were at the rose garden. There were so many roses! It was beautiful.

This building is called the Pittock Mansion. It was beautiful. We didn't go inside though, because it cost too much. It overlooks the whole city though. Then on Sunday Jordan and Tahsha took us to all these waterfalls. They were sooooo pretty, I wish I could remember all the names, but the one with the bridge is very famous in Oregon. Pretty huh?

The next day we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the cost to see a lighthouse and the beach. After visiting Tillamook, Andrew and I vowed to only eat Tillamook cheese (hahaha). The coast was amazing. Those flowers that I am holding are because Andrew picked them for me which was way cute I thought. The beach was also super fun and quite a view. Also in case you are wondering, almost the whole trip it was pretty cold, so I was always wearing that sweatshirt for every picture-its not that I never changed.

This was a picture we took on our way back from the outlet malls right before we left for home. We had so much fun and we miss Jordan and Tahsha already. We were able to see some really neat parts of Oregon thanks to them. Thanks guys again for having us!!!

Riot Zone

Sorry guys that it has been a month since my last post. Part of me was wanting to wait because noone commented on my last post. So comments are always good. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Andrew and I went to the Riot Zone to hang out with my family. My mom got everyone tickets (thanks mom) and we were able to play mini golf and go on the blow-up toys. It was a lot of fun.