Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Sweetheart...

Ok, so I got this idea from Nicole's blog, so thanks Nicole. I just thought that is was important to let all of you know (as well as my husband) why I love him.
1. He is easy going
2. He tickles my back almost every night to help me sleep
3. He never expects me to be someone different than who I am
4. He helps me to see other people's perspectives
5. He respects me
6. He lets me make the majority of decisions (which works out good for us, because I am definately type A personality)
7. He doesn't hinder my abilities, but encourages me
8. He is so understanding
9. He cleans the bathroom after he cuts his hair
10. He cooks for me
11. He picks up his socks (that was big when we first got married)
12. He doesn't put me down
13. He likes to stay fit.
14. He tells me I am beautiful.
15. He is good with my family and they all love him.
16. We have many of the same interests.
17. He is so protective of me.
18. He just loves to hang out. It doesn't matter what we are doing.
19. He puts up with my many faults, and loves me for them. (there is a lot too)
20. He has his Bacchelors Degree.
21. He was a great missionary
22. He knows another language.
23. He can make me laugh.
24. He took me to the temple and strives to live worthy.
25. He is a lot more mature than I am in many ways.
26. He loves me.
27. He is dang good looking.

I chose 27 reasons why I love him, because he is 27 and it sounded cool. I just thought you all should know why I am so lucky to be married to Andrew!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to School Again...

Well I am back into school and this semester is going to be interesting. Hopefully I make it through without any new medical conditions like ulcers or cancer. Ha ha. I am not kidding though. School is stressful, especially the worry of having to recruit our own patients. So, if anyone would like their teeth cleaned, please let me know. Life is good though. I have a great husband who I couldn't live without and I am hopefully going to start going to the gym regularly as long as my grades don't suffer. I am just so thankful for the gospel in my life. I would go crazy without it.