Friday, May 10, 2013

Maui Hawaii Trip April 2013

 View of outside from John and Tammy's living room
 View from their backyard
 Having fun at the Lavender Fields

 Beach by John and Tammy's soon to be house
 Sunset in Maui...doesn't get much prettier than that

 Kaanapali Beach

 Dinner at McFleetwood's Restaurant (John is one of their investors) sweet place
 Me and my favorite girl

 Goat Farm

 Twin Falls was sooooo green and pretty cold actually

 Beautiful though
 They drilled right through the mountain to make this canal

 The clan

 Another beautiful sunset in Maui
 Tammy is so beautiful!

 Cute couple...
Best brothers
 Warren and Annabelle's comedy/magic awesome!
 Tammy got me to love Krispy Kremes

 The Maui Aquarium

 Airport ride home...  :-(