Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Baby Bump Pics, LaMaz Class, and Shower

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.  They are random, but that is life...right?  I had a small Baby Shower with my home ward growing up and was able to have a joint one with my best friend Amy.  It was so great to see those special people in my life.  In that picture with Amy she is 30 weeks and I am 27 weeks.  Yep-we are 3 weeks apart! Here are also a few random pics of Andrew and I, the family at Johnny Carinos for Rachael's birthday and some from my Lamaz class yesterday.  Andrew is going to kill me for posting these, but I thought they were too funny not to post.  He had to strap on a baby belly (along with all the other men in the class) so they could get an idea of what us mothers have to go through being pregnant.  He was such a good sport! The Lamaz class was very informative and I am actually excited for our little girl to come, but TERRIFIED for labor. Yikes!