Friday, August 26, 2011

Update of July and Aug 2011

The summer has been flying by for me! Where did it go? Summer is probably my favorite time of year, because I love warm weather. Anyways, for all those who have been wondering what we have been up to...the answer is...not a whole lot. Our life mostly consists of working, working out, and eating! Boring, huh? Anyways, one thing I have really gotton into this summer is running. I don't do it because I absolutely love it...I do it to get into better shape. I have really enjoyed doing my runs around the river though, because it is so beautiful!!! Here are a few updated pictures and one of course is Andrew and I at our favorite restaraunt "Da Pineapple Grill". Surprise huh? That is our favorite thing to do is going out to eat. What can we say? We love food and that is why I have to work my butt off in the gym to look even presentable. Okay enough about food. There are also a couple of pictures at Andrew's 30th birthday celebration at the top. Our summer is going well. We are staying busy and just don't want it to end.