Monday, October 12, 2009


I know I have been bad about posting pictures lately, but we just got our computer fixed and things have been crazy. I just got back from Boise last weekend doing a research presentation for dental hygiene. It was a great experience. This week is midterms, so I am stressed. If anyone knows anybody who hasn't had a cleaning in many years and has lots of calculus on their teeth, please send them my way. I need those harder patients so badly. I truly appreciate it. Anyway, my younger sister had her baby too. He is so cute. Pictures to come...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Olympia Weekend

Strap in and hold on cause this is officially Andrew's second's going to be a bumpy ride!!!haha...(don't really know what that means?)
So once again I went to the Mr.Olympia competition in Las Vegas and my bodybuilding ICON managed to make history again!! (Jay Cutler) The first time he made history was when he grabbed his first Olympia win by beating the 8-time Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman. This year he made history by being the first Mr.Olympia to regain the Mr.Olympia title after losing it, last year he lost to Dexter Jackson. This year was really special for me because I actually got to attend the Mr.Olympia finals and watch history take place LIVE!!! I met up with a couple friends and one of my good friends and lifting buddies came with me to the Olympia.

I LOVE taking people to the Olympia for their first time!! The look on their faces when they see professional bodybuilders in person is hilarious...It's usually followed by "HOLY CRAP" or "OH... MY...GOSH" catch the drift. I'm still waiting for my buddy "J" to come with know who you are!

I love going to the expo that they have on Fri. and Sat. Anyone who has gone can tell ya about how many free supplements and shirts they give out!! It's unreal.
Well here are some pics of some of the pro's I met: (enjoy...cause I did)