Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

So I have never been a reader whatsoever, until I read the Stephanie Meyer Twilight Series.  One day I was bored and picked up Twilight in Barnes and Noble and just started reading it.  After reading like 20 pages, I couldn't put it down.  I bought all three books and read them in less than two weeks (which is really good for me b/c I am a slower reader and I was working full time).  Since then I have read them all three times and am pulling my hair out waiting for the fourth one to come out in one day and nine hours.  Pathetic I know, but there is something about fantasy mixed with a good ole' fashion love story that keeps me more than interested.  My sister Rachael and I are going to race and see who finishes it first.  I really wonder what is going to happen with the Edward and Jacob situation? I guess I will find out soon enough.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is Jake Cardon.  This is one of Doug and Sara's cute children.  I love these kids to death and there is another picture of both Jake and Tanner below with our friends Ryan and Nicole.  These guys keep me from getting homesick, because it allows me to get my kid fix.  I hope Andrew and I have kids this cute some day.  So this last week has been good.  I am taking off the last month from selling before dental hygiene begins.  I am loving the break and Andrew is working hard trying to get sales for us.  Last week he won a free I-pod for beating his best week.  He just got his 80 gig and can't wait to put his Jay Cutler DVD's on them.  We love it in Fairfax and enjoy our new experiences very much.  Right now I am trying to get housing in order and vaccinations, books, etc.  I have loved this summer experience though.  Andrew and I have been able to grow closer and have tons of fun.  We have been to museums, the mall (meaning the D.C. MALL not a shopping mall, though we have been there too), the Arlington Cemetary, neat restaurants, etc. We feel very blessed to be here and have these memories to take with us forever.  Living in D.C. and seeing what I've seen, I have a lot more pride for our country and want to learn more about its history.