Sunday, February 20, 2011

Move #7 in 3.5 years

We are moving into an apartment in Idaho Falls here in a couple weeks! Excited to be in our own place. We found a great apt for a great deal. At least I think it is a good apt...I haven't actually seen it in person. I am taking Andrew's word for it. It seems like this is almost a normal process for us now. I haven't seen most of the apts I have lived in before we moved in them. As for the #7 part...its true. This is our seventh move in the 3.5 years we have been married. Crazy! The funny thing is that we both HATE moving. We are excited though to finally have our own place.

February Updates

I am not a very consistant blogger, but its mostly because it takes sooooo freaking long!!!! Anyways, quite a bit has happened over the last month and a half. First of all, my nephew Cooper was born. What a little cutie. He was a little over six pounds. He is sooo tiny. Also, my family went skiing at Jackson Hole. I love that hill and we had a blast. I went on my first real jump and landed it twice! I am not a daring skier so for me that was a big deal. We also had the opportunity to go to Washington to visit our good friends Taylor and Amanda. We had so much fun being with them again! We have so much in common with them, its almost scary. Amanda and I always joke that if we switched husbands, we wouldn't know the difference. They made sure we were very comfortable! Thanks guys. We miss you already! As for my job...its going great and I feel truly honored to work for such a great dentist. Well folks, that is the highlights of our life in the last little bit. Thanks for those who care enough about us to read our blog updates!