Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Prego Pics and Recent Happenings

                    I think this was 33 weeks
                   My work baby shower. I loved my cake!
                  The same lady made these cake rattles too!
             The amazing ladies I work with.  Thanks guys!
         They all went in on my crib bedding set. Love it!

 My family/friends baby shower that my sisters hosted for me.  They did such a good job!

        My sister Wendy made me a diaper cake!

       Our cute niece Bailey.  John, Tammy, Robert and Bailey came to visit us from Maui.
                            Tammy and I
         Robert, Taya, and Alexis at Garcia's.
         Andrew, John and Lisa.  Browning side.
                36 weeks along here.
     Candice and I both Prego.  Me= 36 weeks ; Candice= 33 weeks.

             Getting bigger!!!!!

               Our new house!!!!!!!! Yay!
                      37 weeks!