Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012

 Above is what happens when I ask Andrew to get Sydnee dressed up for church. Look at that flower! He puts it right on the top of her head. Got to commend him for trying though. Lol.
 This is Syd at 5 months! She has gotten so big!
 I put this one in because she always plays with her hands.
 My bright-eyed girl!
 This cracks me up. I try to give her the binkie and she doesn't know how to take it, so she just gives me weird looks.
 She already has such a personality! And below makes me laugh too!

 Syd's first time eating rice cereal at almost 5.5 months. She loved it!
 A wipe case that I made for my neighbor. My favorite one yet.  I am going to start selling these.
 Syd's zebra outfit.  Andrew hates animal print, but I love it!

 Us right before Andrew's family's Halloween Party. We like dressing up as couples. Andrew is stoked that I wanted you take our pictures as you can tell. Lol.


jess said...

You guys are so cute and Syd is such a doll! Love it!

Ryan Wilder said...

Miss you guys!